Отклонения, лирически и прозаически
Read this sign, 1 December 2009

Here's another brilliant example of the sheer absence of intelligence in our statesmen. This time it is a local, municipal blunder that has drawn my attention and caused a mixture of indignation and desperation at the sore sight of the sign photographed.

Those of you who happen to be non-Bulgarian are certainly going to fail to comprehend the information the sign obligingly presents. "TSENTAR" might just as well be anything you conceive it to be; surprisingly enough it is the transliteration of the Bulgarian word for CENTRE in Latin (English) letters.

Now, as to the "why" part of our observation, I am left bewildered, yet conscious of the futility of the attempt to even begin to fathom the forces that drive the decision-making mechanisms of Bulgarian civil servants' minds. I admit to being unable to produce a fully satisfactory explanation of what flatulence of mind it takes to conceive, order the production of, and proudly install a sign such as this at the very entrance of a city renowned for its academic environment and, most astonishingly, perhaps the best linguistics departments in the country.