Отклонения, лирически и прозаически
Sometimes lun, sometimes win, 19 January 2010

If you live in Bulgaria or are connected to it, you must have heard Stoichkov’s recent interview for an English sports channel, where the former Bulgarian super-striker boasts his awe-inspiring mastery of the English language. “Tu parts. Am talking before da game – fifty-fifty. First half – very good, second half – I’m no like. Too much peoples cum only for da pass the time. No work. No sacrificy. Dis is da team. Da next time maybe no play couple guys. I’m very mad.”

This stunning fluency was further sustained by the now proverbial “Sometimes lun, sometimes win” punch line of Stoichkov’s. I myself cracked this joke a couple of times in my beginner’s classes at the university, naturally causing an outburst of laughter.

And here we have urban myth-formation in action. The popularity of this interview has had an inspiring effect on some electronic music maker. A guy calling himself DJ Vann released a house track which samples some of the highlights of Stoichkov’s interview. The track is called “Tu Part” and opens with "I'm talking before, before the game – fifty-fifty.” As the tune progresses, more bits of the interview are mixed with the beat, the culmination of the song following the near-Zen realization that you “sometimes lun, sometimes win”.

Quite a win, eh?

PS. A “guest performance” version of the above dancefloor rocker appeared soon after the original version. It's called “I insure U (tu times): Stoichkov vs. Jeleva” and features bits of Bulgarian EU Commissioner Applicant’s interview, Rumyana Jeleva (or more correctly spelled Zheleva), where English language skills admittedly surpassing those of Stoichkov’s are mixed into the now familiar tune.

The videos discussed are available in YouTube.