Отклонения, лирически и прозаически
Strange footsteps on my window, 9 February 2010

What you see on the photo is a pair of strange footsteps that appeared on my balcony window about ten days ago. Here is a video I made of the same:


The footprints measure 9 cm in length. As you can see they are humanoid in appearance but somewhat weird in shape, more like that of an ape.

The footprints appeared on the inside of the window in the freezing cold. It was around -15 C that night. After looking at them for three days, I wiped them out, with the secret hope that they might reappear. They haven't, since then.

I have absolutely no explanation of whose footprints these may be. I have sent the materials to "experts" in ufology, whose reply I have as yet not received.