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Хакване на сайта / Site hacked, 27 November 2014

На 27.11.2014 сайтът ми е бил хакнат от някой си, подписващ се с TheZero. Разбрах за случилото се една на 7.12.2014. Сега сайтът вече работи нормално. Надявам се да съм премахнал всички файлове, които по един или друг начин са оставили отворена уязвимост в сайта.

On 27 November my site was hacked by someone calling himself TheZero. I only found out about this on 7 December 2014. The site is now back to normal. I hope to have removed all code making my site vulnerable to malicious attacks.

Here’s what I would like to say to TheZero. How exactly was a personal site containing poetry, prose, translations, and research texts something worth hacking? Have you no sense of what matters and what not? Do you feel satisfied now that you have managed to restrict the access of people interested in culture and the arts to a platform giving them all of this for free?

Dear lad, you truly are a zero. A complete nothing. A moron of unfathomable magnitudes. You are scum and you should be obliterated. You do not deserve to live.