Отклонения, лирически и прозаически
Song of Myself

[to Walt Whitman]

I sing of me and of my body electric
and of all that has
the Universe reflected on through Me.

Of the Man I sing that has seen
visions of beyond and of above,
and of beneath, and of within,
and of without.

Of Him that visioned has
his fall and rise,
his crawl and run
in mirror-likened dreaming
of eternal nothingness.

Of Him I sing who lost and won,
to know possession;
who wrote and read
to know the tongues of silence;
and dwelled, and yelled,
and parted, and departed,
dismantled and agreed;
who sang and travelled,
who stung and marvelled,
who locked and waited for,
and who knows when to stop.