Отклонения, лирически и прозаически
Playing A Game Is Fun Only When You Win

That is why I don't play chess.

And it is sometimes irritating for the other three when we play cards - I am so uncaring there to the extent of having to ask what color is it we're playing, the cards of the rest already on the table. But I do play cards, not often though. I find it quite tiresome to pay that much attention to card order, speculations about what to throw next, having in mind how my partner, and my opponents have played since the beginning of the game. Sometimes we win, sometimes we don't. It is having fun that counts.

How can I win a game? Do I get to obtain someting, to possess some precious object of affection? Do I get stronger, wiser, more popular?

It is that having-nothing-to-gain effect of the game that makes adults act with scientific stupidity turning a game into a "war". Well, the word is too heavy for most cases, but, it fits perfectly to the description of some. Thus the most problematic to humanity blank ideas have been developed - those of dignity, courage, nobility, etc. Blank I say for they have no contents whatsoever but what we assign them in our restless attempts to understand what that idea is and to have it listed in our tasks-to-fulfill file.

A game is a child's invention, actually it is nature's invention given to a child to explore with its now-growing reasoning abilities, that would later develop the child into a "fully-grown-human-being". But it is a world where childish behavior is not welcomed, where the child is going to with age. They still have games there - and they're even somehow more colorful, noisier, more enchanting, more... whatever. But there you pay to play, and you play in order to win, as to be able to pay with what you have won to play. Some diabolic circle of constant repetition of the seoaration into two - good and evil - of all fun, that was there in childhood. Win or lose - you have to chose which side of fun you want to go to.

Well, they say it's good to keep the child inside of you alive. So you can be sure to have fun, at least some fun, while you age to death.

I'd rather not have a colourful, melodious, jolly bird kept inside my appartment, in a cage, where I shall go sometimes to have my thoughts relaxed while viewing it.

I'd rather let this bird fly away, to where it may, and hope that sometimes I shall be lucky to pass under a tree, in a park, or in a forest, and hear its song.

And hear the songs of all other, different birds, that were not kept in a cage.

I don't play games where the fun is in winning.

I play games where having fun wins.