Отклонения, лирически и прозаически
The Miracle

August 2007

Hotel owners in Sunny Beach have established an initiative committee for the protection of the sand dunes from building expansion. For everyone who is used to Bulgarian reality, this news will seem like one very much "out of space". Throughout the recent years of hyper expansion of construction activity on Bulgaria's coast line and mountain resorts, where every square inch has had concrete poured on it, hotel owners who want to protect a piece of land are a rarity.

At a special press-conference given by the initiative committee, chairman Mihail Indjov said they protested against a decision to change the ownership statute of some 500 decares of sand dunes located between Nessebar and Sunny Beach. The sand dunes - unique natural formations where dozens of rare species live - must be included in Bulgaria's list of protected areas, the members of the committee and ecologists insisted. "This is the next encroachment on the beach in Sunny Beach aiming to desecrate nature and satisfy primitive material appetites," one of the hotel owners, Mr. Meshinov, said earlier in the committee's address to Prime Minister Stanishev and the Ministry of Environment and Waters and the Ministry of Regional Development.

The natural landmark "Sand Dunes and Sand Formations" was declared a protected area by Decree № 1187 of 1976 and Decree № 2109 of 1984. According to the Bulgarian constitution, beaches are exclusive state property. In recent years, however, hundreds of decares of land under >with a similar status have been privatized and destroyed.

Earlier in July, the government passed a decree that outlawed the Golden Pearl holiday complex in the Strandzha Mountain. The complex was started in 2006 after the Nessebar mayor and his partner from Crash 2000 forged the signature of the dept. minister of environment and waters in order to start building on the land, which is a nature reserve. Many ecologists protested against the initial court ruling that the statute of Stranzha as a nature reserve should be revoked following up on the demands of many who wanted to sell their land to building entrepreneurs. Many spots on the Bulgarian coast line have had similar fate, the Sunny Beach Dunes being an exception. On August 2nd, another government decree angered ecologists, as Minister Dzevdet Chakarov decided to take out some 1000 decares of land from the protected zone near Irakli. Irakli is one of the most beautiful and still not built up places on the Black Sea coast, but many investors have been showing their large appetite for this nature reserve too. Just like in Strandzha, they have started construction activity in direct violation of the law and the state regulations.