The Rise of the Red Rim


Майкъл Кешмън


Living in New Mexico, U.S.A., the "Land of Enchantment", taught me many things that can never be learned in a book. During the 10 years that I lived there my travels took me far and wide, in the south western state the size of Germany. It was in this special place that I first really became aware of the Red Rim, during the countless brilliant desert sunsets that I witnessed there. We all have seen this phenomena at one time or another and perhaps, like myself, you initially thought it to be a daily natural occurrence that was both beautiful and wholly in accordance with the natural scheme of things. Caught up in the widespread myth that the glowing "Red Rim" that forms along the western horizon of the planet, as the sun sets, causing us to pause in wonder at the end of the hustle and bustle of our modern day, was simply a harmless spectacle to the eye. That it was nothing more than a trick of the fading sunlight that caused the sky to be cast in an innately familiar hue of rusty red as the sun settles down in the far off distance as day becomes night.

In the back of my mind, as a child, I seem to remember it having a much softer and more of an orange glow about it that made its routine appearance seem not as menacing as that of its much more maturecounterpart today. It seemed in the 1970s to less resemble the color of blood and seemed more to appear the pallor of some healthy fruit. In the remembered space of that not to distant time I, along with allother children at play, would bask in its warm radiance and be reminded that it was time to go home for supper. It was in the late 1990s in the desert southwest of America that I began to notice that even after the Red Rim had set it seemed to cast its unnatural fury at the rising moon; painting the lifeless orb and muddling its normal ethereal purity. It was then that I realized its true meaning and deciphered that it was actuality a sign of foreboding.

Tonight, when the sun is setting in the West, take those you hold dear to an adequate spot and observe the reddish glow that filters through clouds and bears its presence upon bodies of water across the earth. Take those who have importance in your life; those who you would never wish any ill will upon, and hold their hand as you gaze at the setting sun together in awe and wonderment. Look at the Red Rim truly and you will see and feel its message. It is a harbinger of change and it bears a warning to us all. It is a visual signal for everyone to see; an indicator that man must tread lightly upon the earth for our actions do indeed have consequences. Its similarity to the color of the life-giving liquid which flows through all our veins is an omen that if left unchecked, will have dire future consequences for all we love and in this life hold dear. For in all the world I have never witnessed any other sight that simultaneously holds so much beauty and menace. The Red Rim is on the rise and it illuminates the path to our civilization's demise.

(Note: The Red Rim is caused by the collective sum of atmospheric pollution…)

June 2007