The Room God (a.k.a. The TV)


Майкъл Кешмън


There are pagan idols that have permeated into every aspect of our modern technological society. Their numbers have been geometrically growing over the past several decades to the point that their likeness now resides in almost every home in "civilized" society. They are the glass gods that we stare at for hours on end while we listen to their fictitious prophesies and blatant half-truths. These false prophets, we have created, seek to fill us full of distorted rhetoric as they attempt to rule our conscious lives and rewire our subconscious thoughts. Our own thoughts and true ideals are being distorted and bent to their sublime will. They persuasively teach us to value an unrealistic vision of life with the flash of colourfully abridged images and with the help of ever invasive audio techniques. We leave our children in their care, letting these false pariahs preach to them in our absence on the futility of life as they display to them countless scenes of moral corruption and the inevitability of their own death. These "room gods'" faces are distorted mirrors reflecting pre-programmed messages of lives that could never really exist anywhere outside the boundaries of their vacuumed screens. The room gods' window of the world serves their masters well, but the price it charges its viewers is submission to mental and spiritual slavery.

Modern man has become a captive audience to these technological gods that are constantly seeking to sever our already fragile links with the reality of common existence. A conglomeration of like minded machines that fool their listeners into believing they have much to give, when in reality all they were created to do is take. To take from us our future as well as our past and to replace many vital components of our lives with fading flashes of light that eventually will leave us as a society in perpetual darkness. In the end we may all find ourselves as indentured servants to the false gods we have unwittingly created.

November 2006