True Freedom


Майкъл Кешмън


What is true freedom? Is it simply to be able to think, speak and feel the way you wish, within the legal parameters of a given society, and not being persecuted for it? Or is it something much deeper that resides in the spiritual vessel we call the soul? I have often asked myself this question during my journey through life.

Being born and brought up in America instilled in me a lot of preconceived notions about what freedom, in all its forms, represents; for it was the moral basis for the founding of the country in the first place. "Freedom," the Founding Fathers of my nation cried and the American Revolution was born. Taxation, personal and religious freedom and self-governance were some of the main issues, but I think it went a lot deeper than that. I think that the lack of liberty leads to a sort of confusion for the human spirit. In the States the media is constantly telling the people how free they are, but this is a type of censorship and control in itself. Because the television tells us we are free, are we to believe what those who seek to control us say?

It was George Orwell who said, “War is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength,” in his novel 1984. This seems true today in much of the world. The only thing that I would add is that insecurity for the people is security for the state. Terrorism has been used as a tool by many western governments in taking rights and freedoms from the people. If you make the people scared, you can control them better and they will trade freedom for safety willingly.

The West has traded the threat of communism for that of terrorism. Vast amounts of money and resources that could be put to much better use are being funneled into military infrastructures around the world. Build up the enemy in the eyes of the people and their fears can then be used to subjugate them and make a healthy fortune for the powerful, “free” few in the process. Control of the body and mind is inevitable, but what are the plans for our spirit? Is the very heart of freedom at stake as well? What are their plans for our soul?

February 2008