The Party is Over


Майкъл Кешмън


Greetings and salutations readers! I am writing you from the good ole USA; home of the free and land of the brave (or at least that’s what the TV commercial says). Man, oh man; this place has changed and pappa is not talking about for the better. The price of everything is high and decent paying jobs are scarce.

When I left the states to live in Europe in 1999, America was prosperous, respected in most parts of the world, and the price of gasoline (benzene) was low as the Clinton Era was drawing to an end. The dollar was strong and Americans seemed more at ease with themselves and in their dealings with other nations.

Life back then seemed sort of a party back where the restaurant served 186 different flavors of ice cream for free and the good times seemed never ending. This has all come to a stark and abrupt end under the current reign of "Bush the Younger". The economic boom has gone bust and the surplus of the 1990's has been devoured by the corruption of the Bush/Cheney machine.

The whole world has suffered and one of the countries affected the most is???... Yes, you got it! The United States has done itself the greatest of mischiefs economically, socially, geo-politically, and morally in its history and is currently suffering the consequences. Anyone visiting the U.S. will quickly become aware that everything here no longer feels like a brief wait in line at Disneyland for the most fantastic of theme-based rides, but more like a constant daily struggle to simply maintain an ever diminishing lifestyle. It all has led everyone concerned to a land of less rather than the hyped road to easy riches. Somewhere along the way we were bamboozled by our politicians letting their slippery words beguile us into believing in their short-cuts on the "road to happiness" that ended up definitely being a wrong turn that may lead us all into a financial dead end. Easy money has turned into easy bankruptcy.

My plans are to muster through and make the money possible to return to Bulgaria ("Paradise at one-fifth the price") and live a simpler and much more content life. There still are a lot of opportunities in America, but they are harder to find and not so easy to create anymore. Unfortunately, the rest of the world seems to be suffering from our mistakes as well. The Subprime Calamity has rippled its effects far and wide and currently it looks like there is still no end in sight!

It seems that greed does not feed; it eats!

July 2008