Long Distance Walker


Майкъл Кешмън


Veliko Tarnovo, because of its geographic position in the middle of Bulgaria, is a stopping point and crossroad for many international travelers.

Recently I met just such an individual whose purpose for traveling through our beautiful historic city was truly astounding. His name is Marino Curnis, a 32-year-old backpacker from Italy who began his journey by walking here from his hometown of Alzano Lombardo-Bergamo on the 9th of January 2007. This uniquely different world traveler plans on continuing his travels by walking all the way to Japan and back over the course of the next five years. His journey will take him through 26 nations and will total some 40,500 kilometers. Marino plans to promote peace and cultural awareness along the way as well as promoting the use of Esperanto as a world language.

By taking the backroads during his epic journey he also hopes to meet people and truly experience the cultural diversity of each region he passes through. He believes that the best way to immerse himself in a culture is to actually take part in it. And what better way is there to see everything, than to travel by foot. This modern day “Marco Polo” will probably wear out more shoes in his journey than most people purchase in a lifetime. He has acquired the sponsorship of an Italian walking shoe manufacturer to make his adventure possible and also plans on publishing a journal of his exploits at the end of each year of his hike. Marino knows there will be many obstacles to overcome both mentally and physically, but he seems to have the will and spirit to achieve the momentous goal he has set for himself. You can keep updated on his progress by visiting his website at www.eurasiapc.com and can even contact him via e-mail at info@eurasiapc.com to wish him well and encourage this unique “long distance walker”.

May 2007