In the Days of Horses


Майкъл Кешмън


(Dedicated to Nelly)

In the days of horses the world was sweet, no metal wheels or rubber tires; just the sound of hooves beating upon sod covered streets.

The fragrant breeze blew softly through the green leaves of trees, the air was pure and life was simple there; for man had yet to begin the battle to bring Mother Nature to her knees.

Horses were fed barley, wheat and oats for a working purpose, for then the fields were fertile and bountiful; brimming over with each Autumn's surplus.

The pace of living was in accordance with nature and the world of humanity was in sync, Time enough to witness and enjoy God's splendid creation; allowing the four legged travelling companions their deserved respite along a green riverbank with cool clear water to drink.

The world was infinite and oceans seemed vast, to travel its expanse was often a dangerous task, but with the passage and advancement of time all this would come to pass. The initiative of invention; the path of the wise had set, a simpler time of animal labor the earth would be taught to forget.

For the days of horses were soon destined to come to an end, and upon unnatural machines society would come to depend. Fueled by innovation and ambition, the time of life's daily toil grew shorter, leaving more for leisure and in its place a more stressful social disorder.

Historic precedent of a more glorious age in a metallic mold the future was set, no longer bound to earth and nature we were to show little regret. Our modern society allows us many pleasures now that the time of horses is long gone; but the future seems trapped in a world of global warming and man's ability to adapt maybe already forlorn.

I long for the days of horses and still cherish the thought of their cultural memory so; if those of the past knew what faces us in the present would they have been so eager to see them go?

July 2007