The United State


Майкъл Кешмън


In the time of my grandfathers
the world we protected.
In the time of my father
around the world we were respected.
Now, in my time, we and our ideals
are suspected and rejected.

Fright, spite, unbridled interfering might -
We keep the whole quaking world awake at night.

With little debate
my government is all too ready
to point its clenched hand of fate,
directing it eastward as it seeks to topple
the regime of many a foreign potentate.

Spy, lie and often the blatant truth they readily deny.
The current government is causing dead soldiers' mothers
to cry out in the grief of despair:
"Dear god in heaven, Why!!?"

Hearts and ideals are being forcibly divided:
now while our pain has still not yet subsided.
The fifty states are being brought together
in a pseudo-religious tyranny and through false propaganda united.

One world order, the closure of its own borders, WHY?
To supposedly prevent social disorder?
It's all a part of a cold and calculating regime
that bases its belief on a historically failed age old scheme.

Lain, lay, lie, Global Citizen, your unalienable rights
this masked Orwellian state will undoubtedly deny.

Rang, rung, Freedom's bell will no longer ring
as this new United State will seek to make
all nations its own song sing.

In the process causing the world's self-interests to wither
and incarcerating its own people, come hither!

Preach, teach, playing follow the leader was all just a fake
What from the rest of the world
will this new United State take>

I can clearly hear the ghosts
of the founding fathers cry out upon the satinized air.
Its very sound is one of astonished despair.

If, and when all this comes down,
will anyone be left with the ability
to stand their own ground???