What Tomorrow Can Not Hide


Майкъл Кешмън


Man has wrought many sins against Mother Earth
       In the name of science, in the name of pride.
The green of the grass, the blue of the sky
Will wither to barren brown
       when the worlds of nature and machine collide.

No more the river’s cool nectar
      to suckle the flock of birds’ song.
The world’s greatest unwritten rule broken
Will decimate all that is right
        and propagate only that which is wrong.

Every child’s mother will shed dry tears for a hopeless tomorrow
In an era that will leave no time for reason to decide.
As our world gathers momentum
        Exponentially down the slippery slope we will slide.

This brave new world
      that had only sought to nurture and shelter
             its wayward children
Will continue to spin, regardless of who is to blame.
Nothing will be spared in its cowardly agony;
Despairing in the parody of its own name.

Night will become day and day will become night
In a realm locked in perpetual confusion
        when beginning and end coincide.

There will be no flower left to blossom
In the kingdom of what tomorrow can not hide.

March 2008