The Prince of Fiends


Майкъл Кешмън


"A bird in the hand is worth two in the Bush" (old proverb)

Greetings and Salutations readers, I have just returned from the "United" States after a six month exodus from Bulgaria and am I glad to be back in Veliko Tarnovo! My trip was by no means for pleasure, but rather an extended financial pilgrimage back to the now teetering Mecca of capitalism in order to recharge my monetary batteries. Somehow I survived the whole traumatic experience and now feel that I must relate my ordeal to you.

Where to begin...? I love my country and always will, no matter what, but to see what Bush and his greedy, blood-sucking cronies have done to my fellow countrymen truly sickens my heart and soul. The country's, and indeed the world's, future financial and socio-economic prospects have been greatly diminished by a pea-brained high functioning moron.

To have stood witness to the horrors of 9/11 in his first year in office and his total incompetence to deal properly with the situation afterwards by going into Iraq. A situation he and other members of his foul brethren probably helped to create in the first place (i.e. Michael Moore's documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11") for reasons of increasing their power over the nation.

And now to find myself and much of the world being forced down to our financial knees as the Bush regime hoodwinks and bilks the American taxpayer out of hundreds of billions and plays havoc with world financial markets on their way out the much abused power. They have allowed the largest financial crisis since the 1930s to escalate to unmanageable proportions. The stench of their rotten greed is overwhelming the once sweet smell of a truly free market system. Socialism is creeping in and Democracy herself is now in mortal danger!

Today, thanks to the Bush machine, we are hearing catchphrases like "Economic Armageddon" and "New Great Depression" being bandied about in the world media oligarchy. There are great changes in the air and none of them sound for the better. The "Prince of Fiends" (aka George Bush) somehow escaped the fiery confines of Hell and has been hard at work for the past eight years. He and his minions have gorged themselves at all our expense! Could Hugo Chaves been right about Bush's true identity all along...?

October 2008