A Biblical Motif

Борис Христов


I live in the corner of this world where
each man's head is bent over his own meal.
And man chews angrily... And counts
his Adam's apple the passing of the hours.

Is this what I had dreamt of; a small boy
roving in the dust with onion sticks in hand,
I rolled the sun as if an egg... and then
I rested next to it in Darkness' hole.

And was it me that god had chosen, merciless,
to see the thief from our neighbourhood
who kissed the teacher's wife... and sweating
their bodies seethed into the haze of summer.

But when I crаwled out of the weed-grown childhood,
and my nose thumped onto Goliath's boot,
I knew that folly, and its ladle overhanging
would haunt me and consume me all my life.

I then decided I should join the poets
and smother there the flaming head of mine...
But a black sheep strays from other sheep -
She doesn't want the shepherd milking her.

I saw them climb the mountain's crest
and gather stones for David's sling.
And in the river David lay himself
so no one saw his devil's tail.

Оригинално заглавие: "Библейски мотив".