The Star



“Everybody is looking at me, because I am handcuffed, a prisoner. Looking, and their faces all painted and so on. After that I realized that these are elite prostitutes.” *

Are these the guys you’been tellin’ me about?
I know them, one of them is very thick.
Has his own mobiles,
And once stole all of my chips.

Quiet! ‘cause daddy’s watchin’ basketball,
I bought your wife a pack of ‘Karelia’ without a banderole.
She’s naughty and loves the back’o’the seat naked.
“Wait a sec, I fancied a pair of sandals in the Mall.”
Lover boy! – bit by bit things start smelling of a bust up.
“Why did you lie to me that the Cayenne was yours?”
Wow, I meant to take Pesho’s Calibra,
But he wanted a helluva lot of cash.
So what, your guy don’t wanna touch you?
Come, pussy cat, I really like your video (a lot!)
Tell me, when you’re on the beach where does the sand penetrate?
Come on, let’s make news for “Glitter”. *

Wish I could tell of what happen’d.
“Word will spread about and it’s gonna be a stupid situation.”
Hope it don’t come to getting served the summons,
I’ll fix you up for a threesome with Ustata and Sofka. *
You’re very horny in this village of yours.
Come to the hotel, I’ll buy you a drink! U-hu!)
She says to me: “Sweetie, I only drink white wine.”
Get in the SLK and come to Cacao Beach. *

R: (2)
Songs, dances, drunken hot shots.
Fuck that circus. What a turkey! *
How fast you’been growin’ ’em horns.
Give me a fag, I’ll screw the star you are!!!
O-o-ops, whass goin on?!? Man, tell me whass goin on!
Yo, bastard, tell me whass goin on?!? Yo, tell me whass goin on!
Ain’t no dough, no, no, ain’t no dough!
I won’t be getting a Bentley soon.


Quiet music and a small Jameson,
Vlado Kuzov and Michael Jackson. *
Ma’am, watch your kid,
I work for the ‘Protection of the Buttocks’ agency. *
My fan is tellin’ me what’s happiness,
The club’s boss is askin’ ‘Is Galia with you?’
No, man, I just wanna know if I need a fourth room.
Yo, tell me frankly, did you get to screw da chick?

Bathing suits, tavernas, I’m skiing with the chicks,
Offal the butcher’s way, ah?
At my village they showed me karate,
In Albena they played Celentano, bro!
Will we take advantage of the graduating girl?
Tell her to come so that we get her marks straight.
She wanna see da small guy growin’ up.
Maybe she had a fight with some teacher.
Whazzup? Is your guy again on a business trip?
Life’s a bitch, bro!
“Sea of Love” * or Fencing? (ha-ha)
Come to the bog to sing me 3 in 1!
If you want, we could go to the seaside (really?)
Come on, give me a ring tomorrow, for a cup-of-coffee!
Suck it gently ‘cause it’s famous.
Forget his, mine is a Nestle.

R: (2)

Many like you have already cried!

Translated for The Frontier Times, Bulgaria's first English-language newspaper that I worked for.

* A recording of former Bulgarian head of state, Todor Zhivkov, talking about his arrest.

* Cigarette prices in Bulgaria being high, many prefer to buy cheaper illegally imported brands.

* Fashionable sports cars, Porsche Cayenne and Opel Calibra.

* "Bliasak" is a fashion gossip-and-talk magazine in Bulgaria.

* Ustata (The Mouth) and Sofi Marinova are a popular chalga-rap duo.

* Cacao Beach is a popular club in the Sunny Beach resort.

* (BG) [misirka] - one way to call an unpleasant woman or a journalist, esp. female.

* Vlado Kuzov is a Bulgarian MP who was tried and sentenced to 3 years in prison for pedophilia in May 2007. "Protection of the Buttocks" is an Upsurt invention that rhymes with the "Protection of the Child" agency.

* Galia (from the popular duo Karizma) performed together with Upsurt for their earlier hit, "3 in 1".

* "Sea of Love" (More ot Liubov) is a popular Bulgarian TV show "helping people in love to express their feeling before the one they love".

* (BG) "obadi se za edno kafentse" [call up for a cup of coffee] - a chat-up line with sexual implications.